Town History Museum

Civic Museum. This is an important information point not only about the fortress but also for special events taking place, and as a starting point for possible visits to the surrounding area and the rest of the region.
It holds an interesting collection of old weapons entrusted by Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome.
There are also some documents on display illustarting the history of the town from its foundation to the Second World War.
If required it is possible to consult the historical archive and specialist library.

Historical Military Museum

Not only does the Museum supply people with detailed information but also keeps collections of documents about the fortifications, weapons, uniforms of different armies and garrisons which occupied the fortress, period after period. There is also an Archive, which can be consulted, containing books, photos and original documents dealing with various military subjects.

DIRECTION: "Palazzo del Governatore alle Armi" , Piazza Grande, FREE ENTRACE 0432.928175.
PORTA CIVIDALE: it is an exhibition area of about 400 sq. m
FORTIFICATION AREA: it is a lot of land of about 386.000 sq. m which is made of the basic elements of the three fortified walls ( Bulwark, Rivellino, Napoleonic Lunette) and makes them visible.